lacey gothbrella

Originally released as a gacha at Gothmas by Gaslight, now also available as a fatpack in both Pale Empress main store and the Marketplace.

The gacha itself is also available in the Main Store if you want to try your luck and want just one. There’s nine commons and three rare prizes.¬†Gacha is L25 per play and the prizes are transferable. The fatpacks are non-transferable.

The gothbrellas are wonderfully dark, whimsical and feminine at the same time. They crown any gothic look with style while still protecting you from the evil sun. They are also the perfect feminine accessories for gothic lolitas and contain a hold pose to better twirl and preen with.

The gacha prizes are NC/M/T and L25 per play. The fatpack is C/M/NT and the price is L295.

Visit Main Store to Play the Gacha | Purchase the fatpack from the Marketplace