Lucrezia Wedges

Pale Empress ~ Lucrezia Wedge Poster

Lucrezia wedges are a delightfully playful pair of shoes. The strong heels and soles give the wedges a more casual, relaxed vibe while the delicate ribbon at the ankle adds a touch of near-daintiness to them. The elegant fabric choice can be changed to match whatever you happen to be wearing. These are a goth on holiday shoes, a must for every wardrobe!

There’s a colour-change HUD included to change the fabric into any of the delightfully strong twelve colours.

The shoes are made for Slink medium feet. The Slink feet are not included.

The wedges are rigged mesh, please try the demo before purchasing.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L195.

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Lucrezia Top & Skirt

PE lucrezia top poster

PE lucrezia skirt poster

Lucrezia tops and skirts were first released in Gothmas by Gaslight and they have now arrived to both Pale Empress main store and the Marketplace for your shopping pleasure.

The Lucrezia shirt gives an illusion of warmth with its long sleeves while still teasing the eye with the deliciously sheer fabric, designed to draw the wandering eye in for a closer examination. The waistband brings in structure and focus point at your waist, while the plunging neckline adds to the alluring effect.

The long skirt of Lucrezia could almost be considered prim and proper if not for the curliques in it promising class. The plaid underneath adds a strong touch of attitude to the combination. Dress it up for a classy effect, or combine with a daring top for a more shocking effect.

The clothes are rigged mesh items that move with your avatar. In addition to the five standard sizes there are also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M. Please try the demos.

Permissions are M/C/NT and they are available in nine colours each. L195 per colour, L875 for the fatpack.

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Want to share with the world how stunning you are? Post your pictures of Pale Empress in our Flickr Group. For the Lucrezia skirts there’s also the Gothmas by Gaslight flickr group.

lucrezia top all colors

lucrezia skirt all colors