Fly By Night at the Truth About Bats & Avies

Pale Empress ~ Fly By Night SE Poster

Fly By Night is a dress inspired by bats, designed to show off your love for our nocturnal flying friends. The tight mini dress forms a dark silhouette as the background for the flare of bats, for the shapes of twists and turns, for the silent wings in the night. The full moon illuminates their flight, marking you as one of their kin. Come join the cloud and swarm the sky!

The dress is created for an event called The Truth About Bats and Avies, organized by slGoth Magazine. The charity is Bat World Sanctuary and the whole event will be delightfully bat-themed.

The midnight blue charity version of the dress is sold for 99L, all proceeds go straight to charity.

There is also a colour-change HUD version available for 295L. The HUD has twelve different colours, giving you practically a fatpack of dresses at the price of one!

The dress is a rigged mesh item that moves with your avatar. It comes in the five standard sizes and is materials enabled. Please try the demo.

Please note that the texture-change script will make the dresses appear no-mod in inventory, but they are as modifiable as rigged mesh can be: if you wish to tint them, you absolutely can.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L99 for the charity version, L295 for the regular HUD-release.

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Pale Empress ~ Fly By Night Poster