Avril poster

Avril is the quintessential goth lady: strong in her colours, dark in her preferences. The webs she weaves in her life are beautifully detailed and meticulously perfected. The luxurious velvet gown holds an official air while still being luscious on skin and a comfort to wear. The sheer web sleeves are delicate, but enduring: woven to hold.

This is the gown for the queen of goths: to stun, to celebrate, to represent. It also works beautifully for any roleplay that has to do with spiders, be they drow or dark sorceresses of gothic tastes.

This gown is a rigged mesh item that moves with your avatar. In addition to the five standard sizes there are also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M. Please try the demo.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L295 per colour, ten colours available, fatpack L1475.

Visit Main Store | Purchase from The Marketplace

Want to share with the world how stunning you are? Post your pictures of Pale Empress in our Flickr Group

avril all colors 512


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