Lace Chemise & Plaid Mini Skirt

PE lacey chemise poster

PE plaid mini poster

The lace chemises and plaid minis were first released in Gothmas by Gaslight and they have now arrived to both Pale Empress main store and the Marketplace for your shopping pleasure.

The lace chemise is an alluring combination of sheer mesh top, backed up with garment layers underneath. There’s two garment layers included so the amount of see-through is completely up to you and how daring you might feel. The roses decorating your shoulders are separate, so you can combine them to the look or leave them out: whichever works for you. This chemise can be teasing in a classy manner or downright scandalous, depending on your whims and mood of the day.

The mini skirts go perfectly with the tops if you wish to add some sassy flirt to your steps. These skirts can be dressed into full-blown punksy attitude or styled into cute mini skirt look with ease. The wide waistband keeps the skirt classy while exposing your midriff and back in a teasing manner. The mini length draws attention to your legs, the combination creating a flirty, sassy look with style.

The clothes are rigged mesh items that move with your avatar. In addition to the five standard sizes there are also two additional ones: XS+ that provides more generous curves in the top part of base XS and M+ that has more muscles and extra curves than base M. Please try the demos: chemise | skirt.

Permissions are M/C/NT and they are available in nine colours each. L195 per colour, L875 for the fatpack.

Visit Main Store | Purchase from The Marketplace: Chemise | Skirt

Want to share with the world how stunning you are? Post your pictures of Pale Empress in our Flickr Group. For these clothes there’s also the Gothmas by Gaslight flickr group.

lacey all colors

plaid mini all colors

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