PE Elyria poster

Elyria is temptation come to life, a satin bodysuit with an antique charm and aesthetic but with a space-age shine that accentuates and brings out every little shade of your body. You can use it as lingerie set: as classic or adventurous as you style it to be, or you can add a skirt or pants for more casual allure. You can even don big boots and cyber implants and go fully futuristic!

The outfit consists of garment layers and comes with appliers for lola tangos. Shirt, pants, undershirt, underpants, gloves and stockings are included in the package. Please try a demo first.

Want to share with the world how stunning you are? Post your pictures of Pale Empress in our Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/paleempress/

Permissions are M,C,NT. L350 per color, L1400 for the fatpack, eight colors available.

Visit Main Store – Purchase from the Marketplace

PE Elyria All Colors


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